👋 Hi there! I'm Steph.

I'm a sober coach and nutritional therapy practitioner (NTP) with a passion for helping people feel their best so they can pursue their highest purpose and live in alignment with their values.

Inspired by my own chronic health conditions, I started my practice working with women who struggled with burnout, stress, and fatigue brought on by hormonal imbalances and chronic dieting.

My own health journey had another plan for me. When I decided alcohol no longer had a place in my life, I realized how nutrition is often a recommended piece of recovery, but was missing from nearly every recovery program out there. 

I help you quit drinking for the long-term, and help you repair your body from the damage done by drinking and address the chronic health conditions that persist with long-term alcohol use.

Together, we develop a customized, integrative nutrition and recovery plan that combines nutritional therapy, values-based mindset, and sustainable habit change. We will uncover the root causes to both drinking and health conditions so you can get busy living a life you love.

You're here for a reason...


If you're reading this, you're likely questioning your relationship with alcohol.

You're tired of feeling tired. You're stuck in a pattern that no longer serves you.

You know you're meant for more but you're held back by your health and lack of energy.

Maybe you've given up alcohol, and are looking for the next step to level-up your recovery.

It's truly amazing when my passionate clients connect with my expertise so they can feel their best and pursue their highest purpose and passions.

My clients come to me feeling burned out mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Many of us use alcohol as a way to cope with big emotions, celebrate, relax, decompress, and have fun.

It's scary to let go of a substance that you think gives you so much, but is actually subtracting more than it's adding.

Combining loads of nutrition misinformation and fad diets with the damage alcohol causes to the brain (and body) while living misaligned with our values, it makes sense that we learned to lean on a substance to escape the pressures of modern life.

My 4Rs protocol is designed to quiet the chatter and get you aligned with your self-worth and values, while teaching you how to:

  • Address nutrient deficiencies
  • Improve energy levels
  • Support brain health & mood
  • Balance blood sugar and hormones
  • Repair digestive damage and gut health
  • Build a customized recovery plan that works for YOU

It's time to let go of what isn't serving you anymore - you no longer need to be held back by alcohol use OR your health.

Let's Work Together!

Steph's Full Story

I grew up as a type-A perfectionist - high performing academically and athletically. I was on volleyball scholarship in college, where my coaches insisted I lose 5 lbs. My health started to decline severely, I was low on energy, always sick and injured, and had to quit after my sophomore season due to recurring back injuries.

I went through an identity crisis and started drinking like a typical college kid. I picked up smoking cigarettes and partied the rest of the way through college. 

My high-performing perfectionism continued into adulthood - I placed unreasonable expectations on myself climbing the corporate ladder and attempting to shrink my body to that weight I could never achieve even as a college athlete. 

My life looked great from the outside. I was advancing in my career, earning a great income, checking all of the social boxes and playing competitive volleyball. But inside I was deteriorating. I had too many commitments to keep up with and sacrificed sleep in order to continue to achieve and grind.

I was starving myself physically and emotionally. I was stretched too thin and kept powering through with caffeine and willpower.

Alcohol was the only way I knew how to turn off my brain and relax. Drinking was the only time I had relief from the voice in my head telling me "you're not enough."

I started self-studying nutrition in 2015, which quickly inspired me to become an NTP and helped me recover from years of disordered eating and feeling unwell. I started building my nutrition business for women's hormone health on the side of my corporate job, but eventually my own health fell apart and I had to pause the nutrition business.

After taking a toxic corporate job (and big promotion) in 2017, my body shut down from the stress and years of abuse. So much of my identity was wrapped up in my job and being an athlete, but I found myself unable to work and so chronically fatigued that a walk around the block with my dogs would land me on the couch for a nap.

I used alcohol because I felt like I didn't have anything else.

I became stuck in the cycle of drinking too much, taking a break to "reset", then jumping right back into it. I was in a loop of overperforming, taking care of everyone by myself, self-sabotaging, resetting, then repeating. 

I had anxiety that didn't used to be there. I was irritable, angry, I couldn't sleep and would wake up at 3am sweaty, heart-pounding, and anxious. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. It wasn't like this before - what's happening to me now?

I craved inner peace, self-worth, happiness, and the energy to live a life aligned with my purpose and passion. I was tired of trying to "earn" my worthiness. I was tired of the self-sabotage cycle.

Something needed to change.

I picked up "Quit Like a Woman" by Holly Whitaker at the suggestion of a friend, and it changed my life. I knew alcohol wasn't serving me anymore. And I haven't looked back.

I started furiously researching alcohol's impact on the body and combined that with my scientific knowledge and experience working with prior clients. I realized how essential nutritional therapy is to recovery and built the 4Rs protocol to fill this gap in the recovery space.

When you feel good, you have the energy and capacity to transform your life. I believe it is a disservice to you, your loved ones, and your time here on earth to be held back by your health or your alcohol use. 

Building an energized and a physically and emotionally healthy life you never want to escape is the ultimate act of rebellion in a booze-filled society that keeps us small, sick, and distracted.

Are you ready to step into your power and transform your life? Join me on this beautiful mission to get realigned with your values and finally pursue your highest purpose and passions.

How I Help