3 BIG Mistakes Women Make When They Give Up Alcohol

(and what to do instead)

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If you’re an alcohol-free woman, you already know the struggle that comes with sugar cravings...

...and you also know your sugar habit comes with a ton of consequences:

❌ low energy

❌ trouble sleeping

❌ mood swings

❌ brain fog

❌ weight gain

❌ hormonal imbalance

Many alcohol-free women make the mistake of finding a new diet or using intermittent fasting to curb their sugar cravings… unfortunately, this is completely backwards, because this approach can make your sugar cravings WORSE in the long-run!

Do you really want to be struggling with these symptoms rather than enjoying a full and purposeful life?? 

👉🏼 I promise... it doesn't have to be this way!

Finally! A proven way to actually overcome sugar and alcohol cravings WITHOUT relying on sheer willpower or discipline…

Download my free nutrition guide for recovery, and I'll walk you through the surprising 3 step process for:

  • preventing sugar and alcohol cravings by stabilizing blood sugar
  • increasing your energy so you have more capacity to do the things you love and be fully present in your life
  • boosting nutrient status to jump start healing your body from the damage done by alcohol

30 days from now, you could have the energy of a teenager again, be in control around ALL foods (yes, even sweet treats), AND have the motivation to continue to make healthy choices in your recovery.

How would your life be different if you had energy that lasted from morning to bedtime?

Who would you BE with those extra hours in the day? 

Find out... with the sober women’s guide:
3 BIG Mistakes Women Make When They Give Up Alcohol (and what to do instead)👇🏼
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You deserve the energy & health status to build the life you dream of living

👋 I'm Steph Prangley - alcohol-free, outdoor enthusiast, Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP), lifelong learner, and deep thinker.

I help high-achieving, alcohol-free women banish burnout, repair your gut, and heal hormone symptoms so that you can reignite joy, purpose, and passion in your life.

I use my education, client coaching experience, and ongoing research to help you heal from the damage done by alcohol use, address underlying chronic health conditions AND elevate your recovery.

Build your life by design... a life you NEVER want to escape by healing your brain, gut, and hormone health with nutrition and functional wellness practices. 

Alcohol culture and diet culture keep us small and distracted - I help you step into your power by restoring your energy, igniting day-to-day joy, and unlocking your highest purpose.

In this free guide, I'll let you in on the 3 biggest mistakes that women make when they give up alcohol when it comes to nutrition and sugar cravings...

But don't worry... I'll also teach you what to do instead 😉 

You'll learn the very first foundation for using nutritional therapy to support alcohol-free living. Learn how to eliminate sugar cravings, increase your energy, and repair your body from the damage done by alcohol use.

Here's to a life unwasted!

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